„Mehr Mensch! Gegen die Ökonomisierung des Sozialen“ von Ulrich Schneider -eine Rezension-

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  1. Gibt es diese Ökonomisierung der Gesellschaft den wirklich? Erste empirische Forschungsergebnisse einer Google Ngram Analyse deuten nun darauf hin, dass uns unser Bauchgefühl trügt, und das eigentliche Problem eher ein politisches ist:

    Roth, S. (2014), Fashionable functions. A Google ngram view of trends in functional differentiation (1800-2000), International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction, Vol. 10 No. 2, 34-58. Online unter: https://steffenroth.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/ijthi_v10_n02_roth1.pdf


    Computer communication is revolutionizing modern society to the same extend as the invention of writing or the printing press have unsettled the archaic or the ancient society, respectively. In the present article, this idea will be exemplified by a demonstration of how the Google Ngram viewer – an online graphing tool which charts annual counts of words or sentences as found in the largest available corpus of digitalized books – allows for checks and challenges of familiar self-definitions of modern society. As functional differentiation is considered the central unique feature of modern societies, the hypotheses focus on the testing of prominent modern trend statements and predictions, such as the secularization, politicization, economization, and mediatization of society. All hypotheses are tested through a comparative analysis of word frequency time-series plots produced by means of the Google Ngram Viewer. The results show that the importance of individual function systems to society features signifcant change in time and considerable regional differences. Furthermore, the findings suggest adopting a skeptical position on some of the most frequent common senses of trends in functional differentiation and corresponding self-definitions of society.

    Keywords: Culturomics, Economization, Function Systems, Functional Differentiation, Google Ngram, Mediatization, Politicization, Secularization, Social Systems

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